Self Storage

Individual storage with independent access. Cetys and Palaco sizes.

5'x10' (50 sq. ft.)

1.5 x 3m. (4.5m2.)

Compared to:

small bathroom.

What can you store?

A washing machine, chairs, boxes, etc..

10'x10' (100 sq. ft.)

3 x 3m. (9m2.)

10'x15' (150 sq. ft.)

3 x 4.5m. (13.5m2.)

Compared to:

an average bedroom.

What can you store?

Miscellaneous furniture, medium boxes.

10'x20' (200 sq. ft.)

3 x 6m. (18m2.)

Compared to:

One car garage.

What can you store?

Furniture for two or three bedrooms.

20'x20' (400 sq. ft.)

6 x 6m. (36 m2.)

20'x25' (500 sq. ft.)

6 x 7.5m. (45 m2.)

Compared to:

two cars garage.

What can you store?

Furniture for four or five bedrooms.

20'x44' (880 sq. ft.)

6 x 13.4 m (80.4 m2.)

Compared to:

Four car garage.

What can you store?

Furniture for four or five bedrooms.

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Sizes in Cetys and Palaco locations. Discover the new location East Port (Garita)

New Location Garita: East Port.

Discover our new location.
Medida m2 Área m2 Medida Pies Área sq. ft.
2.10 x 3 6.30 m2 7 x 10 70 sq.ft.
3 x 3.60 10.8 m2 10 x 12 120 sq.ft.
3 x 6.30 18.9 m2 10 x 21 210 sq.ft.
3.6 x 6.30 22.7 m2 12 x 21 252 sq.ft.
6 x 6.30 37.8 m2 20 x 21 420 sq.ft.
6 x 12.60 75.6 m2 20 x 42 840 sq.ft.


For smaller storage needs.



Cars and Trucks -  Motor Homes

Boats - Motorcycles


Did anyone say "more space"?

At MiniBodegas we recognize that every productive sector has different storage specifications and we are here to meet these exact needs. If you have specific storage needs and need more information please contact us and we will gladly assist you

We offer the following container sizes:

20 ft ( 6m) y 40 ft (12m)

Service Options

Rent at our premises or at your location.

    Rent on client’s premises.

    For this service, the minimum rental time is six months.

    Rent at our Palaco premises.

    Rental for this service is per month.